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The Digital Experience Cloud represents the best of both the Ektron and Episerver solutions. At the same time, we’ve brought forward many brand new features to enhance an already great platform. All of this is available to you today.

Accelerate Convergence

Building on the robust and modern foundation of Episerver, we have added Ektron’s most powerful and useful features, including the Digital Experience Hub, a new approach to content staging (eSync), and Instant Templates, which are a new, more comprehensive take on the functionality provided by PageBuilder Master Layouts.

The converged platform also features Episerver’s user-friendly and efficient one-screen authoring interface, where marketers, merchandisers, and content authors can work and collaborate around content, products, assets and layout - all in one place.

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

Episerver also brings many great features to marketers, content authors, and your website visitors.

Episerver for Ektron Developers

Episerver offers many features that make it easy for Ektron developers.

Available Resources

To help you understand and make the transition from Ektron CMS to the Digital Experience Cloud, we have compiled several resources, including:

  • A ‘Moving to Episerver’ guide, available via this page, explaining the differences, best practices, answers to most common questions, and other considerations for moving from Ektron to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.
  • A list of Ektron and Episerver partners who have experience in both Ektron and the converged Digital Experience Cloud.
  • Expert Services Solution Accelerator packages that include full site assessment, sizing and advice, as well as technical services to make the move as seamless as possible, to be used side-by-side with partner implementation or redesign services.
  • Third-party tools, such as Siteport or Kapow, that can help ease the burden of content transfer by minimizing content freeze windows with ready-to-configure applications.
  • A starter kit consisting of sample code that illustrates how content may be readily transferred between the two platforms for developers. 

Hendrix College moves from Ektron to Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

Our decision to move from Ektron to the Digital Experience Cloud is really a win-win for our entire team.

Jay Burling, Web Applications Director, Hendrix College

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