Continue to use your current Ektron solution

While the converged Digital Experience Cloud platform is available to you, Episerver has no plans to retire the existing Ektron application. To the contrary, new updates continue to be released with plans for further improvements already in place. As a result, you can rest assured in your continued use of the Ektron CMS with the confidence that we will continue to support you (subject to normal release retirements over time). [Current Version - Ektron 9.2]

Ektron & Episerver

We believe the converged platform is the best in the market, but there’s no pressure from us for you to move - make that decision when it makes sense for your business. In order to help you understand what it takes to move, our Expert Services team is happy to provide a free assessment of your current Ektron application to determine the level of effort involved to move your site onto the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud using their end-to-end Upgrade Accelerator. All without any required commitment to make the move sooner rather than later.

Of course, if moving up to the latest Episerver Digital Experience Cloud isn’t in your immediate roadmap, then you still may want to take advantage of fixes and features in the latest Ektron releases to ensure you’re driving the most value from your existing license agreement.

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Whether you need to file a ticket with our Support team, generate a new license, look up a knowledge base article or download the latest Ektron release, the Ektron Support Portal is your key to success. We also have information and guidance for considering your next step toward the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud and more.

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Nothing is more critical to the successful launch and maintenance of your Ektron application than a solid code foundation. Whether you’re a 10-year veteran or new to Ektron development, we’ve got the resources to help ensure your success.