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Episerver personalization solutions using artificial intelligence

Extend your Episerver solution with smarter personalization

Episerver offers several advanced capabilities that use AI to personalize experiences. By adding these capabilities to your solution, you can automatically personalize content and product recommendations, search results and emails. In addition, our visitor analytics helps you get the most out of your data.

  • Content recommendations
    personalized by AI
  • Product recommendations
    personalized by AI
  • Product search
    personalized by AI
  • Triggered emails & messages
  • Visitor intelligence analytics


personalize product and content recommendations as well as visitor journeys

Add AI to CMS, commerce and marketing automation

By adding artificial intelligence to Episerver CMS or Commerce, you can personalize every experience. When you combine Episerver CMS with AI, you get our Individualized Content solution. Episerver Commerce becomes our Experience-Driven Commerce solution. Intelligent Campaigns, our marketing automation solution, includes everything you need to send triggered, personalized messages. 

Product search
personalized by AI

Help customers find what they want faster with personalized product search. This advanced capability personalizes search results and rankings for each user. It analyzes real-time behavior, all search queries and your campaigns to deliver the best results.

Can be added to:

Episerver Commerce

Triggered emails & messages

Increase conversions and engagement with personalized, triggered messages. This advanced marketing automation sends personalized emails, texts and app notifications based on real-time behavior. Send personalized recommendations to welcome or re-engage customers.

Included in:

Intelligent Campaigns

Content recommendations
personalized by AI

Increase engagement and decrease bounce rates with personalized content recommendations. This advanced capability automatically selects the right content for each visitor. Recommendations are based on real-time behavior, visitor profiles and similar journeys.

Can be added to:

Episerver CMS
Episerver Commerce

Product recommendations
personalized by AI

Increase online revenue and average order values with personalized product recommendations. This advanced capability recommends products based on real-time behavior, order history and similar journeys. Add it to product and checkout pages to increase upsells and cross-sells.

Can be added to:

Episerver CMS
Episerver Commerce

Included in:

Intelligent Campaigns

Visitor intelligence analytics

Get a complete overview of visitor behavior with visitor intelligence analytics. This capability automatically captures data from all visitors to deliver insights on individual visits, customer segments and buying journeys. Combine it with third-party data for even more insights.

Can be added to:

Episerver CMS
Episerver Commerce

Included in:

Intelligent Campaigns

Calculate your potential revenue boost from AI-based personalization

The Forrester Total Economic Impact Study highlights the potential financial impact the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud can have on an organization. Use our interactive tools to calculate your potential return on investment with Episerver’s AI-based personalization.

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How much could you increase your revenue?

How many transactions does your company have anually?


What’s your average order value?


$0 in increased revenue by leveraging Episerver’s AI-based personalization.

What our customers are saying...

“We’ve seen a significant revenue uplift after rolling out the AI personalization suite. Our basket size has been impacted by an increase of 25% with the Episerver Personalization Engine.”

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Total ROI: $0

Episerver Personalization Customers Case Studies

  • Intelligent product recommendations increase Arcadia’s order value by 67%.

  • Charles Tyrwhitt uses machine learning to significantly increase sales.

  • Email triggers for abandoned baskets deliver big returns for The White Company.

  • Hawes & Curtis increases revenue per session by 32% with Episerver’s personalization.

  • Cath Kidston generates 40% extra revenue with Episerver’s personalization.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines 2018

New report! Episerver was placed furthest on the Completeness of Vision axis overall in the first-of-its-kind report. The report evaluates providers of personalization engines and gives an overview of the market’s direction, maturity and vendors.

Download the full report

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