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Episerver Personalization

The complete personalization platform

  • Content and product personalization

    Episerver automatically recommends product and content items based on a visitor’s in-session behavior, past behavior, and the behavior of visitors similar to them.

  • Machine learning

    Thanks to advanced machine learning, Episerver’s intelligent personalization improves over time and adapts to changing visitor patterns and campaigns.

  • Behavioral data store

    Episerver keeps track of every visitor and tracks their actions at every point of their digital journey. See the complete profile for any visitor, and quickly drill down into your audiences.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines

New report! Episerver was placed furthest on the Completeness of Vision axis overall in the first-of-its-kind report. The report evaluates providers of personalization engines and gives an overview of the market’s direction, maturity and vendors.

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The complete personalization solution for content and commerce

Eliminate complex rules-based personalization with Episerver Personalization, an intelligent personalization suite of products available in the cloud with a simple SaaS subscription. By combining machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical analysis, Episerver empowers merchandisers to present individualized content and product selections in multiple channels, without complicated configuration. The platform conceptualizes a traditional Data Management Platform (DMP), while offering advanced personalization tools and a secure and compliant user interface to enable your customers to control their presences - even the right to be forgotten.

Episerver Personalized Find:

Personalized search - Optimize the customer experience with relevant search results based on visitor behavior.

Optimized rankings - Display products optimized for each visitor based on behavioral data and merchandising strategies.

Episerver Reach:

Email recommendations - Ensure each email is completely personalized for each recipient every time they open a message.

Behavioral triggers - Trigger messages based on customer behavior on the website, such as product interest.

Episerver Advance:

Smart content personalization - Automatically individualize landing pages, content listings and home pages to increase engagement.

Content sequencing - Offer visitors the right content at the right time based on individual behaviors and preferences. 

Episerver Perform:

Product recommendations - Easily enable personalized product recommendations throughout your web or mobile site.

Personalized engagement - Create opportunities for cross-sells or upsells by analyzing and acting on real-time visitor behavior.

Episerver Insight:

Persistent visitor intelligence - Compile visitor data according to profiles, journeys, personas or segments.

Actionable insights - Use behavioral data and personal details to inform marketing campaigns. 

Omnichannel personalization that goes beyond e-commerce

Episerver’s intelligent personalization platform includes a full suite of digital commerce personalization tools, from behavioral ranking, product recommendations for web and email, and automatic behavioral alerts and actions that quickly increase conversions and average order value.

Beyond commerce, Episerver uniquely tailors the content experience, too – giving each visitor a highly relevant and engaging experience on any website or mobile site. Episerver automatically shows and recommends the content that is most likely to be of interest at the next step of the visitor’s journey. Thanks to Episerver’s behavioral data store, different content is presented at different points in the journey, providing a relevant experience both for first-time visitors and repeat customers. This means lower bounce rates, more conversions, and happier customers.

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Episerver Personalization Customers Case Studies

  • Intelligent product recommendations increase Arcadia’s order value by 67%.

  • Charles Tyrwhitt uses machine learning to significantly increase sales.

  • Email triggers for abandoned baskets deliver big returns for The White Company.

  • Hawes & Curtis increases revenue per session by 32% with Episerver Personalization.

  • Cath Kidston generates 40 percent extra revenue with Episerver Personalization.

Episerver Personalization Customers

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