Create actionable insights with powerful behavioral intelligence and clickstream tracking

It's easy to compile data on your visitors if you have the right tools in place. But how many companies are actually using that data to effectively increase engagement with customers?

Replace standard-issue algorithms with individual insights

  • Behavioral intelligence

    Episerver Insight studies and captures visitor behavior on site to help you better understand your customers. By compiling and analyzing this data, you are better equipped to provide your customers with the content, products, and offers they need to ensure task fulfillment and conversion.

  • Dynamic Audiences

    Just like no two visitors are the same, no two visits are the same either. Episerver Insight recognizes when visitor tastes, behavioral patterns and interests begin to evolve and dynamically updates the audiences your customers map to accordingly.

  • Targeted content

    Use customer data to inform campaigns. Episerver Insight empowers you to drive traffic, boost customer loyalty, and increase revenue and average order value through relevant content, products and offers to customers at the right time and in the right channel.

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Episerver Insight - Do more with data

Episerver Insight, the persistent visitor intelligence product from Episerver, empowers companies to both collect and visualize anything from personal details and preferences to transaction history, attributes and classifications, and the multichannel customer journey. With Episerver Insight, you can:

  • Organize and store data according to individual or group profiles and journeys, personas and persona journeys, segments and multi-dimensional segments.
  • Filter and create dynamic segments.
  • Use information like personal details, preferences, transaction history, attributes and more to inform marketing campaigns.
  • Use your customer data to drive omnichannel traffic, increase revenue and average order value, and improve customer loyalty by offering relevant content, products and offers to customers in real-time.