Forrester Research: There's No Personalization Without Content Intelligence

This report details why personalization initiatives fall short and gives digital leaders the tools to take a more strategic approach to preparing and wiring up content to better deliver on their personalization promises.

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Customer Data Alone Is Worthless; Personalization Requires Content Intelligence
Without robust content data, it's impossible to deliver contextually relevant experiences. True personalization pieces together customer and noncustomer data.

Today's Content Management Processes Hinder Personalization Initiatives
Disorganized folder systems, multiple content repositories, and lackluster metadata thwart personalization efforts. Content production and management should have a strategic purpose beyond bonus material.

Atomized Content With Robust Metadata Delivers High-Impact, Relevant Experiences
To leverage assets for personalization, create atomized content that you can repurpose and reuse for various audiences. You'll need a comprehensive view of your content to align it with the right customer at the right time.