Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Episerver Intelligence Cloud

Personalization can be time and labor intensive and not as effective as businesses require. Enter Episerver Intelligence Cloud to eliminate personalization rules, accelerate path to purchase and provide measurable improvements to engagement. Uncover the benefits of Episerver’s AI-based personalization in this new, commissioned Forrester TEI (Total Economic Impact) of Episerver Intelligence Cloud study.

Through customer interviews, data collection and subsequent financial analysis, Forrester concludes that Episerver Intelligence Cloud can provide customers a 397% return on investment over 3 years with a break-even point of less than 3 months.

The study includes a quantitative and qualitative overview of Episerver Intelligence Cloud’s rapid-time-to value including:

  • Accelerating the path to purchase by suggesting content uniquely relevant to an individual’s interests and purchase readiness
  • Improving the customer experience by guiding content creation to satisfy demand
  • Removing barriers to an effective personalization program by eliminating the need for manual-rules creation
  • Reducing the costs of additional content creation by getting more value out of current content investments

It’s never been more critical for brands to adapt to a customer’s in-the-moment needs or risk appearing tone-deaf by serving irrelevant and insensitive recommendations. Through Intelligence Cloud, marketers can understand the emerging needs of their customers, mimic the empathy online that they’d show in face-to-face conversations, and improve conversions and customer experience as a result.

Justin Anovick

Chief Product Officer Episerver

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