Holiday Online Shopping Trends 2019

The report, based on a survey of 4,500 global online shoppers, provides tips on how retailers can increase sales by delivering more customer-centric experiences.

Amazon leads but there are ways to compete

Of the gifts online shoppers will buy this year, 42 percent expect to purchase all or most of them via Amazon. However, the majority (47 percent) will buy few or none of their gifts via Amazon. Retailers can compete by offering personalized, customer-centric experiences.

Late shopping is now the norm

Consumers’ expectation for fast and free shipping means there is less fear about waiting until December to start holiday shopping. The most popular time to begin shopping is between December 1-15 (21 percent), followed by November 16-30 (17 percent).

Holiday shoppers switch into “spearfish” mode

For most of the year, 32 percent of online shoppers start on Google when they don’t have a specific product in mind. During the holidays, shoppers switch to Amazon (32 percent) instead of Google (18 percent), indicating they know what they want and are going straight to the source.

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