Marketing Foresight Report

The Marketing Foresight Report looks at whether marketers simply consider new technologies as quick-fix solutions to their customer experience (CX) woes, or if they're truly offering better interactions between organizations and consumers.

By examining the plans and predictions of more than 100 marketers across the UK, we’re finding out whether chatbots, website personalization and even drone deliveries have staying power, or if marketers are doubting their impact.

The report includes

  • An overview of emerging customer experience technologies that marketers are considering or have already implemented
  • A definitive look at who, within retail organizations, is responsible for CX-driven technology purchases
  • The influence General Data Protection Regulation has on customer experience

Today’s brands want to provide memorable customer experiences, but budget-conscious marketers need to prioritize what technologies can help them get there. By surveying practitioners in this new report, Episerver has struck a balance between what consumers say they want and how or if marketers plan on delivering.

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