Unlocking the content recommendations code

Before you dive in, if you haven’t read our first part of this series “Unlocking the Intent Data Code,” we’d recommend starting there. There, we unpack account-based marketing and individualized marketing and explore the different types of data that support them in your MarTech stack.

At Episerver, individuals are the bread and butter of our Content Intelligence and Recommendations capabilities. When combined, individuals make up our customers. We focus on the smallest units first. We study individuals at various parts in their buying journey, then our customers are informed about how their audience interacts with their channels throughout the lifecycle.

We’ve walked you through the magic of ABM and the deep intricacies of data, now it’s time to unlock the code to content recommendations and how they are made within web, email, and paid channels. By the time you’re done reading this, you will understand exactly how much control you have over recommended content and its look and feel.

The power is in your hands.

In this guide we cover

  • How next-best-content works on web
  • What content is recommended and how it’s done
  • Your level of control over the look and feel of content recommendations
  • How this works across email and paid channels
  • How to measure its success

PDF · 3 MB