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A single instance of Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud powers more than 100 AmeriPride eStores


CSR hours saved annually


In revenue per quarter from company web store


In revenue per quarter from customer microsites

Serving the backbone of America for nearly 130 years

Industry-leading uniform rental and linen supply company, AmeriPride, an Aramark Company, has been in business for nearly 130 years. Based in Minnesota, U.S., AmeriPride prides themselves on servicing those they consider “the backbone of the country”.

AmeriPride provides a wide variety of goods and services which means the buying experience varies from customer-to-customer. Some uniforms need to be highly customized, some are purchased and some are rented. Not to mention, AmeriPride offers a range of other products including disposable gloves and floor mats.

In an old school industry, AmeriPride’s willingness to adapt and evolve to growing needs and technologies has given them a competitive edge in the market. They ventured into eCommerce to provide personalized experiences for their customers.

Leveraging Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud to support hundreds of eStores

AmeriPride is leveraging a single instance of Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud to support hundreds of their eStores, which are catered specifically to the unique needs of specific customers and customized with their own brand look and feel, product catalog and pricing. In addition, larger customers are given the ability to use their own images and configure employee-specific budgets to control spending.

With more than 150 stores live, customers have the ability to order customer-branded clothing, including custom embroidery and logo elements. AmeriPride’s marketing team creates each of these sites without any additional help. In addition, AmeriPride leverages B2B Commerce Cloud to power a customer portal, where over 100,000 AmeriPride customers can access order history, invoices, payments and more.

Less hassle, more value

For many AmeriPride customers, dealing with paper invoices is an artifact of the past. Before the introduction of Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud, customers frequently had to produce their own orders and fax them into AmeriPride. With ordering moved online, customers and AmeriPride’s team can spend more time and energy on more important issues. Invoices are hosted and tracked online.

Leveraging Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud has also expedited the order renting process. Before eCommerce, renting was a complicated process that began with calling a location. Now renting and ordering can be done quickly and easily online.

Extraordinary business value

AmeriPride’s eStores allowed them to quickly establish new sales channels, increase sales with existing customers and improve customer acquisition in new markets.

Since launch, the company web store has contributed more than $3 million in revenue each quarter. Microsites contribute more than $10 million in revenue per quarter. AmeriPride estimates that the customer portal is saving customer service representatives more than 40,000 hours of work annually.

AmeriPride believes that their integration of Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud has put their company in a better position to maintain long-term success. Going forward, AmeriPride wants to continue being ahead of the industry, despite being one of the oldest businesses.

I've been very impressed with the level of input for the highest priority base functionality in the platform

Director of eCommerce and Pricing AmeriPride

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