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Eastern Alliance Insurance Group

Delivering a compelling, personalized online experience for every user


reduced content management complexity


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Keeping apace in the digital age

Eastern Alliance have been providing specialty workers’ compensation products to business and for the last 20 years have built a strong reputation as being ‘’best in class’’ for their services. Today, Eastern Alliance serve 13,000 policyholders in over 40 US states.

Facing the rapid digitalization of the insurance industry, Eastern Alliance needed to update their digital façade. Their existing architecture, developed in 2009, no longer aligned with the Insurance providers brand. The inconsistent experience prevented visitors from understanding Eastern Alliances’ value proposition and the products & resources available.

To overcome this hindrance and effectively serve a range of digital audiences, Eastern Alliance sought a platform that would allow secure access to resources and tools easily. This innovation would help agents and clients view policy & claims data as well manage billing and payments.

The framework for transformation

  • An omnichannel digital experience and optimized content management to effectively communicate products and services.
  • Deliver a personal and compelling digital experience tailored to the unique needs and expectations of Eastern Alliances range of digital audiences, while maintaining consistent branding.
  • Convenient and secure portal for agents and clients to access resources, data and manage transactions.

New visitor insights

The robust capabilities and flexibility of Episerver CMS made it the ideal platform for Eastern Alliance’s new web presence.

By simplifying complex content management, Episerver hands the insurance group the ability to manage and deliver a wide range of content to their agents, clients and employees, while maintaining consistent branding sitewide.

Episerver Personalization enabled customer-centric digital experiences for audience segments satisfying the intuitive journey around the site. Its security, development, and integration capabilities provide the ideal framework for implementing single sign-on and a secure portal for servicing agents and clients.

An architecture capable of supporting multiple goals

From demand generation and relationship building, to online self-service, the new experience compliments Eastern Alliance’s brand. The site’s navigation and architecture are intuitive in helping guide different audiences to access content and resources relevant to their needs.

Continuing the transformation journey

Working with Episerver Premium Partner Whereoware Eastern Alliance is eager to enhance the new architecture even further by offering additional engagement touchpoints to their varied audience. The Episerver platform, ingrained with personalization functionality, makes this simple.

Future additions include:

  • The addition of a Spanish language version of the website
  • An enhanced tool for customer service and community-building, i.e online chat or forums
  • Expansion and refined data with export capabilities and trend analysis
  • Additional video content to support value add positioning and recruitment activities
  • Content development to support a thought leader strategy integrating with Social Media platforms
Fakta om projektet
Eastern Alliance Insurance Group använder Content Cloud

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