Realizing your GS1 readiness through omnichannel excellence

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About this webinar

Digital first is now a motion that is not just for certain companies. It´s no secret that B2B selling been disrupted, making manufacturers and distributors within the FMCG and food industry activate new channels for communication, brand building and sales.

But how do you adapt to a new way of interacting with your target audience, putting the brand experience first in an ever more digital world, while also making sure to keep a consistent product story through the whole supply chain?

Welcome to this webinar in collaboration with FMCG Solutions, Diamir Consulting and inRiver in which we will showcase how to optimize your digital product experience.

Key takeaways from this webinar

  • How to combine brand and product experience in a digital first world
  • How to own your product data, maximizing your GS1 readiness
  • Examples of customers that have been setting themselves up for digital success across channels


Søren Ørnstrup


FMCG Solutions

Mårten Bokedal

Senior Manager Marketing Nordics


Dennie Ovenberger

PIM Champion

Diamir Consulting

Peter Norlander

PIM Champion

Diamir Consulting