Episerver Training Boot Camp

Episerver Training Boot Camp has become a popular choice for developers who want to quickly achieve the skills needed for the development of customer projects. HiQ chose to book two seats for the course in March 2011.

Part of the HiQ program for junior consultants

Johan Viklund started working at HiQ in Stockholm as part of their newly established Episerver venture directly after graduating from The Royal Institute of Technology. Episerver Training Boot Camp is included in the trainee package for junior consultants at HiQ.

"My aim for the training was to receive a complete review of Episerver CMS, including Edit and Admin modes and to learn more about development; how configuration is done, how existing functionality is used and developed, how its own functionality can be added, etc.," says Johan. He continues, "and my expectations were met!"

Material and post-course support invaluable for customer projects

After the Boot Camp Johan and his colleague had a lot of information to process and found the training material to be invaluable. Now he only needs to use the material in certain cases and is sure that it would have taken a lot longer to feel confident in Episerver CMS, if he hadn't attended the Episerver Training Boot Camp.

Johan now works daily with Episerver CMS and benefits greatly from the time invested in Episerver Training Boot Camp.

Recommendation for Episerver Training Boot Camp

Johan has a positive impression of Episerver's training activities and highly recommends the Boot Camp to others. "If I were to describe my experience with Episerver's training activities in three words, they would be: inspiration, knowledge and quality," concludes Johan.