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After a few hours of personal coaching together with an Episerver trainer has helped me become more effective in my daily editorial tasks

Louise Ljung joined ICA as a Production Manager at ICA Norway, but in March 2011 she was given new responsibilities as Webmaster for both ICA.se and ICA's other digital media. Her new role required that she quickly gain knowledge of how to work as web editor in Episerver CMS.

Private course for your needs

Louise opted for a customized private course adapted for her own needs, a so-called personal coaching, where she spent a few hours together with an Episerver trainer, learning how to work with Episerver CMS.

The knowledge that Louise now has helps her in her daily editorial work, and makes her better able to contribute to the company Web Committee, which among other things works with new features and the prioritization of new functionality on the website.

Benefits of personal coaching

With personal coaching you can either sit privately with a trainer for a few hours, if you need to learn more about a particular feature, or for an entire day if you require a more general training. The content is flexible allowing you to combine content from different courses and the course can be conducted either on your own website or a demo website. The training is charged at an hourly rate and can be conducted either on-site or at Episerver's training premises.

Customized training for your business

After Louise's personal coaching Ica.se started to undergo an upgrade to the latest version of Episerver CMS and all editors needed training to help the upgrade go as smoothly as possible. Louise felt that it was both convenient and natural to turn to Episerver Training again for that customized training.

The customized training was held in September 2011 in Episerver's premises in Stockholm.

"Both newcomers and experienced editors attended the course and the atmosphere was cheerful and positive. We had a great opportunity to pick up new ideas and inspiration as the course was exclusive to ICA's editors. A change of environment during training was also positive and we returned to work full of inspiration and energy," says Louise Ljung.

About Ica

The ICA Group is one of northern Europe's leading retail companies with various activities in several countries. There are approximately 2150 of its own and retailer-owned stores in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

A few hours of personal coaching together with an Episerver trainer has helped me become more effective in my daily editorial tasks.

Louise Ljung

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