Intensive training with the group in focus

Ciber's training initiative was a way to both gain Episerver development skills and internally boost and consolidate the group of developers. Since the training, Ciber has raised its partner level and is now Premium Solution Partner.

"Ciber had set a strategic goal of becoming an Episerver Premium Solution Partner. Early in our discussions, it became clear that the developer skills levels needed to be improved to reach that goal and based on the strategic objectives, we analyzed the situation together, creating a training solution for their specific needs. We’re honored and pleased that we could help Ciber improve their Episerver skills to reach their partner objectives." says Annika Renestam, Senior Director, Global Education Services.

Training alternated with project work

The participants consisted of 14 developers with mixed previous knowledge and background. Some developers had experience of development in Episerver CMS, while others were new as part of Ciber's trainee program, which annually recruits developers who want to develop and grow in their role in the company.

The focus of the developer training was Episerver 7 CMS with an introduction to Episerver Find - a customized boot camp with intensive training ending with the Episerver CMS certification test. The five-day course was divided into three sessions allowing participants to alternate training with practical project work.

Aim to keep the group together

The training was held in Episerver's training facilities in Stockholm as one of the aims of the training was to boost and consolidate the developers and focus on developing skills away from the office.

"Episerver development is an area in which Ciber wants to grow and improve. The training was also a way to work on involving the entire group, making everyone feel included. We wanted to focus on bringing the group together," explains Pablo Garay, Key Account at Ciber.

Training took priority

It was a challenge for Ciber to free up time and gather all the participants simultaneously as the developers attending the training were busy in projects at the time. Ciber informed the customers that the developers would need to be away from their projects when the training was to be held. Some of the developers were, however, on "standby" in case they were needed during the training.

"This was an important milestone for us. The skills development was an investment both for the training itself and for the time the developers were away from their projects, but it was important for us to show both customers and developers that the training took priority," Pablo continues.

Development that benefits customers

Ciber wants to work proactively and for long-term solutions by helping customers both during and after projects. Among other things, the training in Episerver 7 CMS gave developers the tools to create solid and well thought-out solutions with reusable components.

Pablo concludes, "Instead of building a solution that needs to be changed or rebuilt after a short time, we can now build online solutions that are more long-term by building correctly from scratch. This way of working benefits our customers most."

The IT consultancy Ciber Sweden AB has approximately 80 consultants and had a turnover of 152 MEK 2013. Ciber Sweden is part of a global group, Ciber Inc, with about 6 800 employees in 18 countries over the world and is listed on the NYSE stock exchange. Read more about Ciber and their customers.

Pablo Garay, Key Account på Ciber Sweden

Pablo Garay, Key Account, Ciber

Annika Renestam, Head of Episerver Training