Successful training for web editors at Dalatrafik

Training at Dalatrafik took place during development of the new Episerver 7 website and resulted in more editors sharing the responsibility of creating and updating the web content. provides customers and the general public in Dalarna with information regarding public transport and the possibility to buy tickets online. With an update of the website, information such as prices, conditions and news needed to be created and updated by a larger group of editors than before.

As they were planning the launch of the new website, Dalatrafik realized that the web editors and IT personnel needed training in Episerver CMS. Previously only one person had been responsible for updating the content on the external site, but the new solution required more people being able to contribute.

"When we decided to build our new website, we realized that we needed more people who knew how to edit content," Lars Grahn, Information Manager at Dalatrafik, explains. "We selected a few people from different departments who were interested in working with the website and gave them basic training in Episerver CMS. This was then to be followed by an internal review of our website and its customized functionality."

Customized training

Lars Grahn was recommended to contact Episerver Training by Episerver Premium Solution Partner Sogeti, who had developed the new solution. After evaluating the training needs and the participants' previous experience, Episerver trainer Maria Sunnefors and Lars Grahn together created a basic customized editor course for Episerver 7 CMS for the editors at Dalatrafik.

"Lars and I had several discussions before the course and together we customized the content and level so that it was suitable for everyone in the group. The goal of the training was for all the participants to feel secure enough in their Episerver editing knowledge to create and publish information on themselves - a goal that we have achieved," says Maria Sunnefors.

Some of the participants had never worked in Episerver before, while others had long experience of Episerver so the challenge was to create a course that benefitted all. Lars Grahn continues, "The training was methodical and contained all the essentials. Everyone kept up and even editors who have been working with Episerver for a long time, like myself, learned a lot."

Top scores from the participants

"A good dialogue both before and after the course is extremely important," Maria Sunnefors continues. "The goals of the training must be adhered to when preparing the course and the course is evaluated after completion.

As a trainer, I want to ensure that both the client and participants are satisfied, which is why we carefully coordinate the previous experience and adapt the course content of customized courses according to the client's requirements and needs. We also evaluate all of our courses with, among other things, written evaluations. All of the participants at Dalatrafik stated in the evaluation that they would recommend the course to a colleague, which is of course great to read after a successful day of training." - The most important channel

The new was launched in May 2014. Extensive changes in the public transport system in Dalarna from August 2014 mean that the new website will be the most important channel for communication with customers and the general public. The intensive work on the website was done by several editors from different departments and all of the editors are pleased that the training gave them good grounding to feel secure in their work and with their new responsibility.

Lars sums up the impression of Episerver Training:
Service-minded. High quality. Reliable.


The main task of Dalatrafik is to procure public transport in Dalarna. We set standards for environmental responsibility, quality and vehicle standards as well as make decisions regarding the traffic supply in consultation with the county's municipalities and counties.

We also coordinate timetables and prices, develop sales channels and ticket supplies, and promote public transport and other travel opportunities. Read more at

"All the participants were very satisfied with the training - an investment resulting in editors improving skills and gaining a lot of new knowledge."
Lars Grahn, Information Manager at Dalatrafik



Maria Sunnefors, Episerver trainer

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