Upgraded website with upgraded editors

Elmia's training investment resulted in quick "time to market" for the editors, who were able to start working with the new web solution shortly after the course.

Linda Aspsjö, Digital Communication Manager at Elmia AB, is experienced in Episerver CMS from both an editor and administrator perspective. She has attended a range of Episerver courses and turned to Episerver Training when it was time for the editors at Elmia be trained in their new CMS version.

Aim: Confident and competent editors

The aim of the training was that the editors would feel confident working in the updated interface and become familiar with the new features added in Episerver 7 CMS. The course was conducted during the ongoing web development project. Technically, the upgrade had been done and the 12 editors needed to be trained in how work with the new web solution.

"As we were upgrading from version 6 to 7, we felt that our editors needed a professional introduction and guided tour of the new interface and functionality in the CMS. Directly after the training, we were able able to start lifting the content from version 6 to 7," Linda explains.

Standard and customized functionality

The focus of the course, which was held on-site at Elmia, was the new functionality in Episerver 7 CMS. The course was held on a standard CMS website, although the editors were also introduced to parts of Elmia's own solution.

Practical exercises and expert guidance

As the editors had varying levels of previous Episerver experience, the trainer and Linda created a course that had both plenty of practical exercises in the site and time for individual guidance.

"The expert teaching skills and professionalism of the trainer, Marie-Louise Nohlgren, made it easy for the editors to understand the different focus areas in the training," Linda continues. "There was plenty of time to answer questions and support the participants who needed it. Marie-Louise has also followed up the training and has been very helpful in answering questions and helping us with challenges we have encountered after training."

Linda sums up the impression of Episerver Training:
High quality, expert teaching skills and professional.

Elmia AB is one of the leading exhibition companies in the Nordic region and arranges different shows in a number of business areas, including conferences, congresses and events.

As a meeting-place, Elmia enjoys a powerful position – at the heart of the Nordic region where people and companies either have or are looking for new ideas, products and services.


Linda Aspsjö, Digital Communication Manager

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