Customized training

Episerver offers customized training that is relevant to you and your organization, focusing on your specific requirements.

Our experience shows that it pays in the long term to consider future skills development at the beginning of a web project. One of the advantages of customized training is that you can choose the scope, content, location and time of the training. Discussions can be captured directly and the participants have a heightened experience of unity.

Based on your requirements we can scope and deliver a customized solution for your entire training program. You may be interested in a course similar to a scheduled course but on your premises, or you may want the training to be entirely based on your own implementation.

Customized courses are ideal and more cost effective when larger groups need training. Up to 12 attendees can sit on a course. The only pre-requisite is that a training environment will need to be put in place by the customer/partner prior to training commencing.

Let us know your requirements so we can help you today.

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