Meet our experts:

Steve Long, Lead Trainer

  • Areas of expertise: Web development and training
  • Background: 17 years of experience at Ektron and Episerver
  • Location: Nashua, New Hampshire

What do you do at Episerver?

I was the third person that was hired when Ektron was founded, and I worked with web development for many years. Now I teach a variety of courses for end users and developers, on editing, digital marketing, administration and site development.

Why is taking a training course from Episerver worthwhile?

An important part of our training is teaching people how our software is intended to be used, so that they can learn from our best practices. Our CMS software has so much functionality, so part of what I do is teach marketers how they can get the most out of it. 

Where does the training take place?

We provide classroom training online and at our offices in Nashua, New Hampshire. We also offer on-site training for customers, which can be tailored to their specific needs. This year we will also be rolling out an on-demand, e-learning program.

What advice do you have for developers when building a site with Episerver?

Developers should always think first about how they can make the site as easy to use as possible for content authors. If it’s not easy to use, then the content gets stagnant and is abandoned, and that is not good for anyone.

In addition to training, where can developers learn more about the software?

There are lots of resources available at and, the developer communities for Episerver and Ektron software. There you can find experts, discussion forums and documentation.

What is the best part of your job?

We request evaluations after every class, where students can say what they did or didn’t like – I love it when someone who has just finished a class writes that they now want to take additional classes and hope that I’ll be their instructor. I take it as a personal challenge to maintain the highest level of satisfaction.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I’m sort of a handyman, so I do a lot of work around the house. I also volunteer at my church, running the audio-visual system on a weekly basis. People come to me from churches all over the area to help them choose and configure their AV systems.