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Episerver Certification

Prove your Episerver development skills to both yourself and the Episerver community by becoming a certified developer today!

Cloud Development Training

New Course! Learn how to successfully develop Episerver solutions for the cloud. 

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Business User Training Path

Become an all around Episerver Super User and Marketer.

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Developer Training Path

Specialize in Content Management System or Commerce development.

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Training to suit your needs

Skills can be gained and training conducted in a variety of forms. We offer training customized for your organizations' needs.

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Ciber's training goal

Training included in Ciber's partner strategy

With the overall goal to raise their partner level, Ciber focused on training in Episerver CMS and Episerver Find. Besides improving development skills and increasing the amount of certified developers, another objective was to boost and consolidate the group. The results of the investment is clear - Ciber is now an Episerver Premium Solution Partner.

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Meet Our Experts

Roger Cevung

Technical Trainer, Education Services

“The participants are the real bosses, I’m just there for them.”

As my title says, I’m a technical trainer, mostly with the Commerce part of training, but I have begun holding the CMS developer courses as well. I also work with developer certification for Commerce – anything to do with Commerce development, that’s my area.

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Steve Long 

Lead Trainer, Education Services 

“Make the site as easy to use as possible for content authors”

I was the third person that was hired when Ektron was founded, and I worked with web development for many years. Now I teach a variety of courses for end users and developers, on editing, digital marketing, administration and site development. 

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Attend a course

Find out more about our course locations and terms & conditions when signing up for an Episerver course.

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