Detailed Agenda

The following is covered during the 3-day Advanced Development course for Episerver 7 CMS.

System Overview:

  • Plan the site
    - How to think before development start
    - Choose features to fulfill the requirements
    - Templates, pages, blocks, properties, content areas
    - Customization
    - DDS
  • Customize for the editor
    - When are plug-ins used
    - Custom properties
    - UIHint
  • Architecture overview
    - Repeat from the Fundamentals course
  • API Overview
    -Important classes
    - Patterns
    - Framework
    - Logging

Working with content:

  • The most important CMS classes
  • Filtering
  • Create, update and delete content
  • Content factory events
  • Content versions and workflows
  • Sharing information across content
  • Integrations – how to get content into Episerver
  • IContent concepts
  • Caching
  • Managing access rights for content programmatically
  • Partial routing

Content model:

  • Concepts
    - Important areas to build a powerful and customized website
  • Episerver:Property
    - Reveal the magic
  • UI Hint EditorDescriptor Tag
    - What and when?
  • ContentArea
    - Customize
  • DOJO
    - Introduction

UI: Modify and extend:

  • Overview: Extending Episerver CMS
  • Extending the UI
    - Where to plug in and where to avoid
    - TinyMCE
    - IOC
  • Extending Admin
    - Admin plug-ins
    - Scheduled Jobs

Rendering and display channels:

  • Channels
    - Display channels
    - More than just screen size
  • Responsive design
  • Template resolver
  • Personalization


  • Translate the UI and content of a site
    - The difference between globalization and localization
    - Set up a site with multiple languages … and get it right the first time
    - What is UI and what is content
    - Language resources
    - Master language
    - Set up a multisite – parallel sites on the same server
    - Example with global company that has markets in several countries
  • Using the Episerver Languages Add-on
    - How to work with globalized content


  • Episerver Search (integrated in CMS)
  • Episerver Find

Introducing add-ons:

  • The modules Shell and CMS
  • What are add-ons
  • Creating an add-on
  • Examples of Episerver add-ons

Dynamic Data Store:

  • Introduction to DDS
  • What to store and why


  • Security features of Episerver CMS
  • Cookies used in Episerver CMS
  • Securing the Edit and Admin interface
  • Common security mistakes when creating Plug-ins and Web Services

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