Tackling the social challenge

Study revealed only 10% of UK businesses measure their social media ROI, and marketers spend an average of an hour a day managing social media, with only 6% managing multiple channels centrally

The social media juggernaut hasn't slowed

Last year we conducted research to see how UK brands were tackling the onslaught of social media. The results found that while businesses were clear about the need to be active on social channels, there was general confusion about how best to go about it. One year on and we've returned to this theme to see how things have changed in the last 12 months. The social media juggernaut hasn't slowed with a range of new entrants coming into the mix including Google+ and Pinterest.

One-way marketing techniques of the past no longer apply

Social media marketing ushers in a brave new world where the old one-way marketing techniques of the past no longer apply and where content marketing and community management reign. It's not enough to simply monitor these channels; there is a need to pro-actively use them in a measureable way to show ROI.

Best practice advice on how to manage social media channels

So, again, we asked 250 UK marketing decision makers to tell us more about how they are implementing social media and how they will be looking to manage social channels and communities over the next few years. This report examines the results of our study and sets out best practice advice to help brands best manage their online communities and social media channels. We've also included guidance on how brands should execute social media or community management and assessed the results that can be achieved by efficiently implementing this.

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