Bostik: A smart ecosystem of websites across 34 countries

Bostik provides adhesive technologies to a diverse global audience across the construction, industrial and consumer markets. These customer groups have very different needs, both for content and in the ways they engage with Bostik online.

Partner Freestyle Interactive’s digital ecosystem allows Bostik to control brand, marketing and communication strategies from a central hub, while at the same time allowing individual countries to target their customers with tailored content, delivered through the digital channels most relevant to their markets.

The Bostik Smart Web Estate is a powerful customer acquisition and retention tool, driven by a digital strategy with the customer at its heart. The work is driven by extensive audience and competitor research, to help guide technology platform selection, website design, content and search engine strategy.


The Bostik smart digital ecosystem is founded on a customer led strategy, using insight gained from a global programme of stakeholder workshops, customer interviews and customer experience mapping with Bostik teams in Europe, North America and Asia.


Work includes a complete redesign, re-architecture and technical build of the Bostik global web estate. Utilising the leading edge Episerver Digital Experience Cloud to create a smart ecosystem of global and country websites on a single platform.


Search optimised content is focused on customer acquisition across industrial adhesives sectors. Countries can publish content across digital platforms from a single database, while Self Optimising Blocks allow countries to test content and optimise conversions.

Mapping the Customer Lifecycle

The Freestyle Interactive team travelled to Paris, Malaysia and Milwaukee to run a series of experience mapping workshops with stakeholders from across Bostik. The sessions were aimed at discovering how Bostik’s customers experience the Bostik brand online, what they need and how they act throughout the customer lifecycle.

Mapping this information allows us to pinpoint where the customer experience is performing well and where it can be improved. By highlighting customer pain points and key requirements we were able to define an entirely new website experience, bringing a new navigation, new functionality and an overhaul of content and search optimization across the new website.

Smart Technology

Freestyle Interactive implemented Episerver Digital Experience Cloud to deliver a Smart Ecosystem of global and local country websites. Episerver integrates with Freestyle Interactive’s own digital asset management system, Partners, to support a central pool of content that can be repurposed by country sites, before being published directly through Episerver.

Flexible website templates allow countries to tailor their own website page layouts, and Self optimising blocks allow countries to test and optimise content performance.
COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere) principles also allow countries to publish content across multiple platforms from a single database.

Content and Search Strategy

A programme of content auditing, repurposing and creation of new content resulted in a 150-page strong pool of centralized content that is both optimised for search and qualified by extensive interviews with Bostik specialists.

Search optimisation of site architecture, navigation and content is focused on targeting each customer with the industrial application and chemistry technology search terms specific to their sector. The new global site delivers content to match the real world needs of prospective Bostik customers.

Global Rollout

A global rollout and support programme across 34 countries supporting local markets in technical setup of website page templates, content selection and localisation of local content and local search optimisation.

Freestyle Interactive provide ongoing support, including a monthly and quarterly governance group. This ensures digital strategy is consistent across country sites, while also responding to specific country needs, and taking into account insight from global and local website performance metrics.


62% traffic increase from organic search

Average visit length up 34%

Service pages ranking No.1 in Google

20% more visits to Smart Adhesives

135% more traffic from mobile


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Tune in to to follow the project from initial strategy to results achieved by carrying out extensive audience and competitor research to help guide technology platform selection, website design, content and search engine strategy.

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