Creating a social travel experience for users

If you go skiing in Scandinavia there is an overwhelming chance you will be at one of SkiStar’s resorts. It's website is a continuously growing portal and the company is increasingly focusing on tailoring the site’s content and leveraging mobile.

Creating a digital travel journey is all about skiing, providing inspiration, information,weather updates and booking services for Scandinavia’s five largest ski resorts to skiers and families from Scandinavia and across Europe. With over 70 percent of the prepaid bookings made over the website, this is obviously a key driver of business. Still, it is paramount to SkiStar that their website is not simply a place where visitors book their vacations. Rather the site and its accompanying mobile app are to be a source of inspiration and information before, during and after the journey, thereby enabling SkiStar to create an ongoing relationshipwith their customers.


Personalized content

Being the Scandinavian industry leader in skiing, SkiStar has plenty of interesting information and offers for skiers based on which target group they belong to. Skistar presents the site based on browser language and uses IP information, cookies and session data to display relevant offers and information. “We try to make the site as relevant as possible for the visitor using it. In cases where someone has previously registered on the site and made a purchase, we can also use this information when they return to the site” says Mattias Persson, Online Manager at SkiStar. Two very basic examples of personalized content are: a visitor from Stockholm, which is on the east coast, does not get presented with flight offers from the Swedish west coast, and a customer who has already bought a ski pass doesn’t receive information about the benefits of buying a ski pass online.

User-generated content that matters

In order to make social media work, one often needs to go beyond the possibility of enabling sharing of already existing content. For that reason, SkiStar does not just create inspiring content on their website, but also allow users to consume and share information on the fly. This is primarily handled through a mobile app, from which users can access weather information, see their individual skiing statistics, locate their friends on the slope, as well as creating games and challenges. SkiStar now has some 135,000 Facebook fans and 60,000 skiers using their app, much thanks to the fact that they have managed to implement an easy way for their visitors to share user-generated content that matters.

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