Addleshaw Goddard – Website redevelopment

Addleshaw Goddard (AG) commissioned partner twentysix to carry out a Discovery project to gather requirements and insights for the redevelopment of their website. As part of Discovery, twentysix investigated and interrogated the needs of AG as a business and a brand, those of its target audience, and the market in which it operates. The purpose of this process was to determine how the website can serve these needs and respond to these requirements appropriately.

From the insight gathered, twentysix were able to prioritise the requirements and provided a set of recommendations which were then used as a basis for the redevelopment of the main website.

Project Objectives

From the insight gathered in Discovery, the website needed to deliver the following to meet its objectives:

  • Be a true representation of AG, its people and its services
  • Show our people and their individual expertise
  • Show capabilities in relevant sectors and expertise in particular services
  • Be a resource for up-to-date legislation and legal knowledge
  • Act as a recruitment tool
  • Convey the ‘AG’ experience
  • Enable simple and frequent refresh of content, via Episerver blocks allowing content to be added and quickly deployed across the site
  • Have the capability to integrate with other IT systems in the future

The Solution

At the start of the project, twentysix conducted an extensive Discovery phase which included workshops and sessions with all the site stakeholders and audiences, both internal and external. The purpose of these sessions was to enable the project team to get under the skin of the market and its audience to ensure recommendations made would firmly establish AG as market leader.

With all the information gathered, twentysix recommended the redevelopment of the site should be built on the Episerver CMS.

Throughout the workshops the needs and requirements of the various parts of the business and audience groups were identified and addressed, and this insight provided the basis for the development of the user journeys, sitemap, wireframes, and site-wide information architecture.

Following UX, the creative team developed three concept designs which were underpinned by the findings from the Discovery phase and brought the new rebrand to life digitally.

The concept design was then applied across the template wireframes and the technical teams began integrating the frontend website into the CMS.

Episerver was chosen as their CMS with the 'blocks' functionality highlighted as offering significant advantage to the content production and publication process.

The website is fully responsive, delivering an inspirational and engaging experience across all devices, enabling users to access the information and content they need quickly and easily and the inclusion of Episerver Find ensures that Addleshaw Goddard are better able to deliver relevant content to their clients’ needs based on improved filtration and indexation.

In addition to improving the customer experience on the frontend, the intuitive and flexible Episerver platform is also helping Addleshaw Goddard’s content editors. The ease of use of the CMS allows editors to update information quickly and efficiently to allow them to continuously reach and engage their clients with fresh content and insights.

Once complete, extensive user testing was conducted before the website was launched in the live environment.

The Outcome

The key to its success from AG’s perspective was to create a fantastic looking digital shopfront for their business. The new design ensured it passed a ‘sniff text’ from prospective clients and the modern appearance represents the new brand in a formal, professional manner whilst the improved UX ensures users are always directed to relevant content to support their enquiries.

  • Beautiful Episerver 8 installation  
  • Development of Episerver Find functionality to support search queries across the site 
  • Developed to support future 3rd party integration 



The Site:

Fantastic looking digital shopfront

Improved customer user experience

Deliver relevant content to each customer

Visit the web page

Implemented by:

Gold partner

Partner contact

Partner contact