Apetito uses Episerver to revolutionize their content marketing strategy

Apetito needed a website that would deliver a personalised experience to appeal to its three distinct audiences of hospitals, care homes and local authorities, and reflect its position as a best-in-class and award-winning B2B supplier.


Apetito is an award-winning provider of nutritious frozen meals for hospitals, care homes and local authorities. The company has a 1,200 person strong organisation, currently supplying over one million meals a day to elderly and vulnerable people across the UK.

Apetito has experienced significant growth in its client base, yet its website did little to reflect the scale of the apetito operation and range of services. With the organisation increasingly targeting NHS hospitals, government institutions and large-scale care providers, apetito needed a digital presence that clearly reflected its expertise and experience in addressing the requirements of these specific market segments. 

Apetito needed a website that would deliver a personalised experience to appeal to its three distinct audiences of hospitals, care homes and local authorities, and reflect its position as a best-in-class and award-winning B2B supplier.  Generating new sales leads while enhancing the online experience for existing customers were the key drivers for the objectives of its new web strategy:

  • Deliver clear and timely calls to action
  • Articulate apetito’s brand values
  • Provide tailored content for all key audiences
  • Enhance the user experience through improved site navigation, better signposting and shorter journeys to relevant content
  • Promote apetito as a world-leading supplier using thought leadership content


Apetito appointed digital marketing and design agency True Digital to review its existing web system and develop a fresh approach. True Digital recommended Episerver CMS to deliver a robust, customisable platform for the new website, providing the flexibility and technical features to create and manage the structure and content.

Using Episerver CMS, True Digital has been able to develop a personalised web design that enables rapid client-side editing. The ability to generate and customise bespoke templates was a critical factor in the selection of Episerver and through simplified backend editing, apetito employees are able to quickly develop and upload content without the risk of comprising the site’s navigation and design.

Episerver CMS has also enabled True Digital to develop a dedicated customer portal for apetito, ensuring existing clients can access personalised and value-added content through a secure login system.

By integrating Episerver’s dedicated email add-on, Apetito can drive web traffic through email marketing and the distribution of targeted messages from their existing CRM. The inclusion of social sharing features, as well as an embedded twitter feed, has further evolved the site’s promotional efforts, enabling apetito to bring together its various online consumer touch points.


Episerver CMS has provided a powerful platform for apetito to modernise its online presence, enhance the visitor experience and improve usability of both the front and the back end of its website. Through a clarified navigation system, enhanced content that showcases industry thought leadership, and improved information architecture, Episerver has ensured Apetito can address each of its objectives to maximum effect.

Streamline business process and increase time to market

Due to Episerver’s intuitive user interface, Apetito’s management has grown increasingly comfortable making their own content edits, as well as opening up the site’s CMS to individual staff members. This improved usability has increased the speed of content delivery, helping to remove several unnecessary layers from the content production process.

This streamlined process means apetito is better equipped to achieve its thought leadership goals, with employees utilising the company CMS to upload company news and related industry information on a regular basis.

Communication integration across all digital channels

The promotion of Apetito’s experience and industry thought leadership has been extended beyond the website through the use of Episerver Mail to design and deliver the company’s email newsletter. By utilising flexible content blocks, apetito can re-use web content, develop multiple in-line calls to action, designed to encourage users to submit and subscribe to apetito’s company newsletter or visit the website. Episerver’s bespoke email templates also allow the company to broadcast customised marketing messages independently, without the additional cost of an external e-marketing agency.

Simplified in-house management

Episerver CMS has made it easy for individual apetito employees to upload and edit the site’s content, within a highly controlled environment in which changes could be made. As a result, regular edits can be undertaken without the risk of damage to the website’s layout, flow, or navigation. Instead, all of the site’s content is easily, and in many cases automatically, assigned to the correct customer profile group.

One-click access to personalized content

Through the use of a simplified navigation structure, apetito is providing a fast route to tailored content that appeals directly to its three key target audiences. This personalisation is clearly demonstrated on the site’s homepage, which is divided into four highly visible call to action buttons, which help to separate the site into customer-oriented sections including “meals for hospitals”, “meals for care homes” and “meals for local authorities”. This one-click access has also enabled apetito to shorten the user’s journey to reach relevant and tailored information.

Improved functionality

Episerver CMS has delivered widespread improvements in functionality, in addition to the simplified navigation. Content can be grouped into manageable ‘blocks’, which allow the site’s content to be individually rearranged and edited without resulting in changes to the site’s look and feel or risking damage to the overall information architecture.

This approach allowed the development of an extremely flexible and appealing site design, without apetito having to compromise on a rich variety of content pages and a carefully crafted navigation system. Any contextual links or in-line calls to action remained undisturbed, regardless of internal editing.      

The Bottom Line

All KPIs set to determine the success of the new website have been exceeded; therefore we can conclude that the new website has been a success.

With Episerver we have been able to start building a real culture of content creation throughout the organisation, as everyone surfacing articles does so knowing that we can quickly get them out there to our audience.

Simon Boice, Digital Marketing Manager of apetito

Delivered by Episerver Partner True Digital

Reduced bounce rate by 56%

Increased time on tite by 89%

Increase business unit data capture conversion rate by 8%

Returning visitors up 20.78% YOY


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