Hearing Dogs for Deaf People improves its ecommerce offering with Episerver

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a UK charity that trains dogs to alert deaf people - both adults and children - to a variety of sounds at home and in public. The charity has matched thousands of dogs with deaf recipients since its humble beginnings in 1982 and currently has over 900 working hearing dog partnerships across the UK.

The Challenge

Hearing Dogs wanted to make technical improvements across its ecommerce website to improve sponsorship conversions, enhance the check-out process and upgrade the CMS and commerce platforms to the latest Episerver versions.

The Solution

Hearing Dogs joined forces with dotcentric to create an engaging and fun shopping experience for its customers. The website engages users by explaining how every sponsorship or sale helps train more life-changing hearing dogs. This is achieved through landing pages which comprise of relevant statistics, real life case studies and professionally created video content. Authentic pictures of hearing dogs help users connect emotionally to the cause. A smooth checkout process helps users to purchase a sponsorship or multiple products with ease.

Category listings and pages by customer rating (1-5), by customer review, listing top selling products and displaying recently viewed items help customers easily find the products they are looking for. Global calls to action in the header provide users with clear options for sponsorship or donation. Landing pages are broken down into steps to help guide and inform users through the process. Users can easily see how the breakdown of donations are spent and other ways they can get involved to support Hearing Dogs.

The Results

Since launching the new and improved ecommerce website, Hearing Dogs has seen a substantial increase in sponsorships and donations. Recurring puppy sponsorships have seen a 43% rise, one-off puppy sponsorships have seen a 36% rise and monthly and one-off donations have seen an 11% rise.

43% rise in recurring sponsorships

36% rise in one-off sponsorships

11% rise in monthly and one-off donations

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Alastair Higgs

Partner contact
Alastair Higgs