Episerver Helps Interim Partners Deliver Coherent Customer Journey

Interim Partners, part of New Street Group (NSG), is a leading provider of executive interim management solutions. They wanted to design a mould-breaking and innovative digital presence site that would cement their position as pioneers and innovators in the recruitment industry, deliver a best-in-class user experience and interweave a number of different business-critical systems into a single portal.

The Strategy

An in-depth research and UX phase was conducted by Episerver partner, twentysix, which identified the key persona groups, before designing and building a site that would best serve the differing needs of those user groups.

The project aim was to deliver an extendable, easy to use CMS and digital marketing platform for Interim Partners that can then be rolled out across the other NSG sites at a later date. This would offer a seamless user experience using new technologies to bring together registration, profile management, performance tracking and timesheet submission/authorisation into a single secure portal. With site users leading busy lifestyles, the site had to be quick and intuitive across desktop, tablet and mobile.

With this in mind, Interim Partners set out to achieve the following objectives:

  • Create a website optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Facilitate advanced site reporting including Google Analytics tracking and shared user scoring with the marketing automation system.
  • Establish Interim Partners as an industry leader.
  • Position unique offering in a clear, concise and highly visual way.
  • Integrate with CRM and accounting systems to transform back-end management
  • Offer full visibility of, and enhanced communication with, all user groups (from prospects through to loyal clients) via integration with marketing automation system.
  • Bring to life and launch a game-changing performance management system, positioned as “Return on Interim” (or “ROI”).
  • Enable simple and frequent refresh of content, via Episerver blocks allowing content to be added and quickly deployed across the site.

 The Solution

A responsive visually appealing website was developed with a unified view of data across multiple data providers by integrating with numerous third-party services including  Microdec CRM, Broadbean job boards, InTime timesheet management and Silverpop Marketing Automation.

 The delivered solution was composed of a set of integration components which manage integrations, and communicate with the Episerver platform via a service bus, leaving Episerver to speedily present engaging content and user-centric functionality, leaving the heavy lifting to the dedicated server components.

Information Architecture was used to present registration and assignment performance management effectively. The site uses a range of reusable and highly customisable templates, to allow flexibility within a consistent design framework.

Customers benefit from the site’s integration with LinkedIn’s login feature, which speeds up registration by using auto-population of account details and photographs. 

The profile and performance management areas are fed by integrations to create a dynamic, intuitive area for candidates, Interim managers on assignment, clients and consultants.  This enables users to self-serve and manage their profile and placements.

Silverpop integration facilitates personalised automated communication to keeps leads nurtured by informing them of news relevant to their industry and prompting profile and document update at appropriate times. Visitor group personalisation allows for different users to be served different messages both on the website and via email.

By integrating a number of powerful systems, it is now possible to engage with users in a coherent way across multiple channels. Users are guided on a B2C style ‘single customer journey’, regardless of whether the communication is face-to-face, online, via telephone or through email.

The Results

Since the new site launched, streamlining the content management, has resulted in an average 80% reduction in web content management time.

Additionally, site visitor’s users have demonstrated significantly more engagement and better propensity to convert. Bounce rate has improved by 30% with users viewing 43% more pages per session. Average session duration has seen a significant increase of 101% with conversion to registration increasing by 66%.

Online customers have benefited from a user friendly interface, allowing for easy to register, sign-in and update functionalities. They also have a clear dashboard area for timesheet management and authorisation, as well as a clear performance dashboard for clients and consultants to assess interim performance and business contribution – and highly visual management information for clients.

Interim Partners

80% reduction in web content management time

Bounce rate reduced by 30%

43% more pages per session

Average session increase by 101%

63% increase in conversion from registration

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