SECURA Insurance transforms its customer experience by shifting to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

SECURA Insurance, headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, has more than 475 independent insurance agencies in 12 states. They provide a broad range of competitive Commercial, Personal, Farm-Ag, Special Events and Non-profit products.

Approaching their 120th year, SECURA wanted to continue delivering their legacy by modernisizing its digital landscape.


With their vision set, SECURA needed to move their original digital assets to a more scalable platform that incurred minimal disruption to its valued agents, policyholders and community. 

One of the objectives revolved around organic growth; increasing traffic to the site as well as increasing the number of 'Find an Agent' searches. 

SECURA required fast, agile changes to be made to the site easily to cater for changes to products and services. Not only would this help them stand out against their competition but also allow their Marketing resources to concentrate on other meaningful tasks. 


SECURA selected the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud to deliver their new digital customer experience. It was chosen for its ability to nurture both groups through personalization with minimal effort on the part of marketers. Episerver Premium Partner Aperture Labs helped turn concept in to reality, carrying out a lift & shift of the former site into the cloud. 

The Digital Experience Cloud was able to satisfy SECURA's need for a platform that gives its users the ability to effortlessly make changes with an easy-to-use interface.


Episerver Digital Experience Cloud handed SECURA key insight reporting based on visitor activity. Not only do they have a stronger, more visible online presence, SECURA's marketing team has been credited the ability to create personalized experiences that will help them deliver better user experiences.

Enhancements are now seemless for SECURA's Marketing Department, freeing time to concentrate on more valuable, creative tasks. 

The team are already looking ahead, working to integrate other web properties into the site to continue user experience optimization. 

''Episerver provided a breadth of digital marketing capabilities that empower us to build on the relationships we have with our agents''

Kelly Deininger, Digital Marketing Business Lead, SECURA

12% decrease in mobile bounce rate

12% increase in organic search

759% increase in 'Find an Agent' traffic

4% increase in time spent on website

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Lisa Fetzer

Partner contact
Lisa Fetzer