Modernized website for increased brand awareness

Tamros updated its website to a modern solution based on Episerver CMS. The goal of the new website is to create better brand awareness and to promote Tamro's business services to the market.

Promote their business services

One of Tamro's goals with its new website was to shift to a new, more modern platform. Tamro also wanted to renew the site's interface and improve its navigation. Above all Tamro wanted to clarify who they are and what they do, and promote their business services. The aim was to establish a publishing system with greater flexibility to affect the look of the pages and that works smoothly when to making changes on the site.

Flexible CMS solution

Episerver CMS was chosen as the solution since it wholly meets Tamro's expectations for a flexible tool when it comes to updating and publishing content. NetRelations implemented a new design, managed the interface programming and the implementation of the site to the new platform. The content is highlighted partly by traditional navigation via a left hand menu and partly through using tabs, which leads the visitor directly into the various sections. In that way visitors get a better overview of the content elswhere on the website.

Now with a technically well built website, combined with the new Episerver CMS platform, Tamro will be better placed in search engines' indexes.

About Tamro

Tamro is the leading pharmaceutical distributor in Sweden and has the task of distributing medicines and healthcare products to the pharmacies, hospitals, veterinarians and the health trade in Sweden. Tamro is owned by the German pharmaceutical corporation Phoenix Group.

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Danijel Miletic

Partner contact
Danijel Miletic