Start-up inspires riding community with new app built on Episerver Social

Ztable gives riders of all levels the opportunity to share their passion, develop their riding skills, and share their goals.

A fresh start

Frustrated with the lack of apps available to riders, Ingrid Sundqvist, Founder of Ztable, began developing ideas to create digital support for the horseback riding community in the Spring of 2016. 

"There was a surplus of apps available for football, fishing, hunting and other male-dominated activities, but not a single app for people who are passionate about riding. I knew if I was missing this, others were too. So I decided to create one myself," said Ingrid. 

Confident that she could make her dream a reality, Ingrid quit her job to focus solely on executing her idea. With no technical background, she knew she needed to enlist the help of an experienced digital agency if she wanted to get her app off the ground. In the Fall of 2016, Ingrid and her team of two other experienced riders reached out to Episerver premium partner Esatto for help developing the application. Esatto and the Ztable team first completed a series of workshops together to discuss things like how they would get people to download the app, how to create an engaging experience for customers, and the gamification of riding, and in late 2016, they began their search for a platform that would provide the functionality they needed to launch the Ztable app. 

Riders rejoice

After careful evaluation of the very limited number of viable .NET solutions available in the market, Ztable selected Episerver Social, a high performance micro-service from Episerver that lets you store, manage, moderate and deliver ratings, reviews, comments and groups, to power the application. Working together with Esatto, the app took just six months to launch and is now available as a free download for the Swedish market in both the AppStore and Google Play. 

The app targets people who work with horses on a daily basis (e.g. horse owners, riding school students, stable owners) and serves three key purposes:

  • A social network - offering an engaged community of horse lovers a platform to share their experiences
  • Inspiration - the Ztable team creates and distributes videos and other instructions/training information
  • Scheduling - users can track riding, schedule training and rate their experiences

Users are required to create a profile upon their first visit to the app. Once an account has been created, the app opens to a social feed with a welcome post from the Ztable team and instructions for using the app. Users can then search for and follow other users, contribute photos and text for others to see, view inspirational videos created and posted by Ztable, utilize the riding calendar, and share their riding logs with other members. Ztable and Esatto capture and analyze the data provided in the user profiles and use it to inform decisions regarding the type of content to produce and functionality to add. The social feed also features paid advertisements, the company's sole revenue stream. 

Outpacing expectations

The team promoted the June 2017 launch of Ztable on their website as well as on their corporate Facebook and Instagram pages. They also enlisted the help of social media influencers within the riding community to quickly get the word out to as many prospective users as possible.

Ztable saw immediate success with 10,000+ downloads the first week, securing it a 'Top 3' position in the AppStore. While the majority of Ztable users are teen girls and women in their 40s, the app has attracted members all the way up to age 65. To date, there have been roughly 4,000 posts made by anywhere between 400 and 2,000 active users per day. Users have 'liked' one another's posts more than 50,000 times and left 2,000 comments. Ztable has seen up to 100 new users on any given day, with that number skyrocketing to between 1,000 and 3,000 users signing up on days Ztable is promoted by an influencer. 

Using agile principles, Ztable and Esatto will continue to work together to further develop the application, including adding functionality for users to upload their own videos, user groups, and in-app purchasing and/or premium subscriptions. Esatto was one of the first Episerver partners to implement Episerver Social as a standalone micro-service. 

"Our developers came up to speed on Episerver Social immediately and started to perform really quickly," says Björn Sundqvist, Co-Founder and CEO of Esatto. "The product enabled us to execute our client's vision on a limited budget and in a tight timeframe. It's amazing that we were able to deliver something this successful in such a short amount of time."

"Episerver Social has proven to be both scalable and secure. We couldn't be happier with the technology."

Ingrid Sundqvist, Founder of Ztable

10,000 downloads in the first week post launch

4,000 posts published in app since launch

7,210 active users in last 30 days

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Partner contact
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