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Global trendsetter saves on content management effort by taking creativity to the cloud

Staying relevant in today’s digital world

Absolut wanted to be present whenever someone was searching for them. But, they were restricted by their website hosting, service level agreements and multiple servers that held back productivity and time to market.

Absolut saw an opportunity to take advantage of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. By moving their sites to the cloud, Absolut is now better positioned to build entirely new websites, with new capabilities, in a fraction of the time.

Use our interactive ROI calculator to find out how much you could save on development efforts by migrating to the cloud

Our ROI calculator is based on Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) Framework. The TEI framework aims to highlight the potential impact that companies can have on their customers.

According to Forrester, time spent on content and product management updates can be reduced by up to 50% with the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. Like Absolut, this means that you can refocus development efforts on functionality and ways to improve the customer experience.

How much could you save with Episerver?

How many editors/developers do you have working on your site?


$0 in yearly savings* and a 50% reduction in time spent on content and product management updates.

*calculations based on the average salary of a developer/editor. Assuming 30% of your web team are developers and 70% are marketing personnel.

See what you could spend the additional budget on

What our customers are saying...

“We have multiple brands as an organization. As we continue to develop each of those brands, we continue to leverage one Episerver instance and share all of that data, saving us time.”

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Total ROI: $0

These average monthly savings would enable you to spend more money and time on launching more complex web characteristics such as: 

ux-icon Created with Sketch. Improving user experience with updated design and ease of use.

personslization-icon Created with Sketch. Improving customer experience by adding AI-based personalization

search-icon Created with Sketch. SEO services - Boost your brand awareness and sales by optimizing your entire site for better organic search results.

social-media-icon Created with Sketch. Social Media - Invest time in building a community around your brand to raise awareness for your products and services.

headcount-icon Created with Sketch. Additional marketing and sales headcount

With traditional infrastructure hosting and service level agreements, it can take up to five days for changes to the website to take effect. But something might happen today that we want to talk about. How do we get that content out now? With Episerver, our time to market has been reduced by days.

- Fredrik Lagertrad, Manager, Digital Development at the Absolut Company.

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