Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston uses email personalization to boost sales and retention

Cath Kidston is a quintessentially British lifestyle brand selling clothing, bags and accessories. The company was founded in 1993 and refers to itself as the “Home of Modern Vintage”. Today the brand has a global, multichannel presence that continues to grow, with 200 stores in 16 countries and a large online offering.

Email is a key element of Cath Kidston’s marketing mix. Through this channel the company can speak directly to its more than one million core customers, showcasing its product innovations and ensuring that the brand’s message is heard in a crowded marketplace.

Objective: increase engagement and repeat purchases

The company sees a clear correlation between its emails and sales both online and in-store. It needed a campaign to increase conversion rates and repeat purchases to boost customer retention.

The company’s content calendar is driven by “newness”, and messaging in its emails is heavily centered around its product offering – new launches, new shapes, new colors. An approach that is consistent across its marketing channels.

Alongside its newsletter emails, Cath Kidston runs a series of trigger emails that target customers according to their stage in the customer journey. These include emails for welcoming them, reengagement, and customer activation. Through this approach the company aims to remain as relevant as possible to its customers and brand fans.

Cath Kidston wanted to personalize these emails to better engage its customers and entice them into repeat purchases.

Episerver Reach personalizes recommendations in emails

Cath Kidston used Episerver Reach to create a campaign focused around its “New In” products.

Episerver Reach, an email personalization technology, provides automatically generated, personalized product recommendations that can be featured in all campaign and trigger emails.

It used a mixture of strategies and machine learning to create product suggestions that each individual would be most likely to purchase. The suggestions were based on previous purchases, recently viewed products, abandoned products, best trending products, and new in products.

The campaign generated 40 percent extra revenue

Since using Episerver Reach with the campaign, Cath Kidston has seen an uplift in sales compared to using the non-personalized email.

When using personalized emails, the click-through rate increased by 53 percent, and the conversion rate (opened emails leading to orders) increased by 50 percent. Personalizing emails also generated 40 percent extra revenue, compared to the non-personalized email.

The company now plans to incorporate more elements of email personalization to its ongoing campaigns, including welcome emails, birthday messages and sales campaigns.