Hawes & Curtis

Hawes & Curtis increases revenue per session by 32% with personalization

Hawes & Curtis was established in 1913 in London as a luxury shirtmaker providing high-quality clothing and first-class customer service. The company today has more than 20 stores in the UK, including its flagship store on Jermyn Street. Hawes & Curtis prides itself on providing a tailored and bespoke experience to each customer, whether they are engaging with the brand online or offline.

Improving the customer experience

Hawes & Curtis understands the importance of digital marketing, particularly Google Shopping campaigns, to support its ecommerce strategy. It recognized that product listing ad (PLA) campaigns enabled it to drive qualified traffic to its website and could include narrower search terms to help direct the customer to the right product at the right time.

However, Hawes & Curtis needed to further optimize its customer experience for shoppers once they arrived on the site. The company worked with Episerver to personalize the PLA landing page and improve conversions with a dynamic widget.

Targeted recommendations

The widget included on the landing page presents eight alternative products. These recommendations are based on both the particular product ad and the individual’s behavior and preferences. If no personalization data is available for an individual, because they haven’t previously visited the site, they will default to one of Episerver’s merchandising strategies, such as Relevant Similar Items, to show relevant product recommendations. 

Decreased bounce rate and increased revenue

“Brand engagement is a critical success factor in all our paid search campaigns,” says Antony Comyns, Head of Ecommerce at Hawes & Curtis. “The PLA widget has enabled us to offer a better customer experience by showcasing additional relevant products on the landing page, which reduces the bounce rate. In this way, we are able to show our customers that we really understand them and their preferences, while demonstrating to the business the benefits that personalized recommendations have on our conversion rate.”

The PLA widget has enabled Hawes & Curtis to further optimize its Google Shopping campaigns to improve the online customer experience. With the personalized recommendations, Hawes & Curtis has seen the bounce rate drop by 10%. In addition, the recommendations have increased the conversion rate by 26% and revenue per session by 32%.