How Customer Intelligence helps InnoGames operate effectively

Data-driven email marketing

To address recipients in a highly relevant and individual manner, InnoGames uses and analyses information from diverse sources of data. The InnoGames CRM team defines the data that is required and must be synchronised with the data warehouse. A wealth of information is processed from the various games. This may include the date of initial registration or last login, or other KPIs such as the purchasing history of each individual gamer. The success of InnoGames is based on the effective analysis of the available data and its optimal application. The gaming specialist also communicates in 28 different languages.

Strategy in the customer lifecycle

The InnoGames actions are designed to accompany players step-by-step. The intended goal is to understand the individual online gamer expectations precisely and develop these throughout the customer lifecycle. This perfectly tailored approach includes, for example, actions that are triggered immediately after online registration, targeted reactivation actions and cross-selling offers, taking into account all available information. InnoGames masters the art of establishing the optimal point to contact players and approach them in a highly targeted manner in accordance with their individual needs.

Players are to remain active in every phase of the customer lifecycle – or be reactivated. A further challenge for the InnoGames CRM team is to retain a low churn rate. Furthermore, new game transactions and in-game sales are to be triggered. All actions are designed to secure and enhance the respective customer value.

Thanks to Marketing Automation, the dispatch processes are entirely automated. Gamers are automatically sent individualised information following their initial registration or after a predefined period of time since their last login.

About InnoGames

Success in email marketing is dependent on the quality and analysis of the available data. Effective Customer Intelligence relies less so on “big data” as is does on the optimal evaluation and use of the available data. Games publisher InnoGames successfully puts this approach to email marketing into action. With 150 million registered players, the company counts among the world’s largest providers of online games that include “Forge of Empires” or Grepolis”. Email marketing represents a key action to remain in contact with the players from around the world.


  • Effective segmentation thanks to Customer Intelligence
  • Individualised addressing of players, tailored in accordance with the respective customer lifecycle phase
  • Campaign dispatch in 28 languages via Marketing Automation
  • Multi-step welcoming campaigns
  • Targeted reactivation and cross-selling offers
  • Automated tests for all language versions
  • Very good opening and click rates
  • Enhancement of customer lifetime value

Welcome upon initial registration

New gamers are greeted by InnoGames with a two-step welcome campaign. The perfectly attuned emails have the purpose of introducing the new gamers to the various offers available – while ensuring they remain in the flow of play. To ensure a low churn rate, new players are first sent useful tips and interesting added-value information. The first welcome email is sent a day after registration. The second follows three days later and contains different gaming information. Within the scope of this action, InnoGames sends several hundred thousand emails each month. The success of the campaign is impressive: the average opening rate is 36 percent, and the click rate 19 percent.

Should players be inactive for three or more days since the last login, the following automated processes are initiated – and depending on the player’s reaction, or lack thereof, one or two further emails are sent:

Day 3 or 8 – Reactivation

InnoGames implements a successful reactivation strategy. An automated email reminder is sent three days after the last online login to encourage game play. In addition, the gaming specialist sends an email containing appealing discount offers for in-game purchases to promote continued gaming after eight days of inactivity. Here, the average opening rate is 21 percent and the click rate 7 percent.

Day 21 – Feedback

Inactive players receive an automated request for feedback via email. The prerequisite for such communication: inactivity over the past 21 days and no reaction to the previous reactivation efforts. These questionnaire emails also boast a higher level of performance – the average opening rate is 16 percent.

Day 30 – Cross-selling

The InnoGames reactivation strategy also encompasses cross-selling offers. All gamers that haven’t logged into the original game for 30 days will receive an email containing recommendations for other games from the InnoGames portfolio. In this way, inactive players are encouraged to start playing the game again or switch to another online game that might suit them better. The action boasts an average opening rate of 11 percent.

Marketing Automation for international dispatch

InnoGames uses Marketing Automation for the effective dispatch in 28 language versions. Besides Europe incl. Turkey, emails are also sent to other countries including USA and Brazil. The automated dispatch of the campaign emails is designed to handle large volumes. Automation goes in both directions: around 120 automated forwarding rules have been set up so that all personal email replies from players are automatically forwarded to the corresponding InnoGames Community Manager.

With Episerver Campaign, we have chosen a high performance platform that supports us in our efforts to remain in contact with millions of players from around the world. The possibilities in the areas of Customer Intelligence and Marketing Automation are not least outstanding. It provides us with the ability to organise our email communication easily and with the highest degree of individualisation.

Thomas Cartwright, Team Lead CRM InnoGames

Automated subject line tests

Email subject line tests are also automated in the various language versions. This is done by the special “Multi Campaign” function. For each new campaign email and language, it conducts detailed analyses to filter out the highest performing subject line after tests with small recipient groups. The best performing subject line is then used for the main dispatch. This ensures that InnoGames can continually optimise email opening rates.

Success through relevance

Thanks to the data-driven strategy, a clear concept and a high level of automation, InnoGames possesses all the prerequisites necessary to develop customer relationships with millions of gamers across the globe in a targeted manner. Inactive players or those drifting away are readily identified and effectively approached via email. This individualised, perfectly timed approach lets InnoGames develop its customer relationships dynamically.

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