Finnish distributor, Motoral Oy distribute a resonating online experience to 9,000 customers

Regarded as one of Finland's most important players in the field of vehicular and transport-related products, Motoral Oy distribute more than 200 internationally-renowned brands. Founded in 1958, Motoral have established themselves as a strategic hub of importers and wholesalers with a product line of 25,000 SKU’s that include:

  • Drinks dispensers
  • Heavy equipment products
  • Automotive accessories
  • Chemicals
  • Industrial tools and machinery

The Helsinki based outfit operate predominantly across Finland and Northern Europe with a turnover of over 70m Euros. When it comes to customers, over 9,000 organizations rely on Motoral for their own successful operations. They include the likes of; department stores, hypermarkets, automotive wholesalers and petrol stations.

Customers don’t want to be stalling

Motorals customer base move rapidly in the face of consumer demand. Even with the pressures this entails, their large purchasing power warrants access to similar products from a multitude of different distributors. This means a price-centric selection for the customer and a highly competitive environment for Motoral.

Motoral understood the most crucial component in a customer’s evaluation is ‘ease-and-speed’ of their purchase. They needed to find products quickly & easily, order them quickly & easily and pay for them…you guessed it…quickly & easily.

Ecommerce, the newest B2B Salesperson

Motoral were experiencing shifts in their organizational setup. Salespeople were retiring and growth was increasingly reliant on external reps contacting customers - removing the control from the distributor. Motoral chose not to hire any new salespeople and instead to invest in ecommerce as its future growth platform.

Understanding customer’s needs and acting accordingly

Before embarking on their new site, Motoral visited 15 customers. The rich feedback was compiled in a requirements matrix - prioritizing customers wishes against what was futuristic but achievable.

Episerver Premium Partner, Solita helped build the concept; defining the audience and hosting workshops with sales reps and customers to validate what was needed.

Exploring other vendors including IBM and SAP Motoral quickly realized those names weren’t equipped to help mid-sized distributors. Episerver and InRiver were a natural fit - a no brainer.

"Episerver Personalization allows us to adopt an entirely different strategy in regards to what we offer the customer, and we are able to offer products much more efficiently than we could before."

- Henri Ström, Development Manager, Motoral Oy

Episerver makes the online store's content easy to personalize for different users

Motoral Oy + Episerver Solution Package:

Episerver Experience-driven Commerce 
Episerver Digital Experience Cloud
Episerver Personalization
Episerver Reach

Motoral wanted each customer group to have its own personalized front page - especially their most valuable visitor groups, those that purchased large quantities on a regular basis. To keep these customers engaged and loyal, the ‘quick & easy’ formula was put into practice.

The search results page is key for customers who are often ordering hundreds of items at a time. They need to be able to search for an item and add it to the cart with no

Motoral progressed to the next level in its online store, utilizing Episerver Personalization, Episerver's intelligent personalization suite of omnichannel solutions for commerce, content and search personalization. This move realized the possibilities to find products to offer their customers, out of a 25,000-product selection, in a more efficient manner.

With Motoral supplying over 9,000 businesses, the number of product-price combinations runs into the hundreds of millions. This is where the Digital Experience Cloud Service comes in to its own as it’s a scalable platform

Episerver created a dummy portal that acted as a test-site for Motoral to see how Episerver’s Digital Commerce platform worked alongside its architecture. Here, the Motoral team could validate that it had what I needed to operate a B2B Commerce platform on top of personalization and blocks.

Episerver’s Personalization suite helps the distributor segment their customer base, offering a stronger understanding of customers’ needs. Motoral are now able provide them with what they need though tailored, more relevant journeys for each customer group. The platform intelligently eliminates non-relevant content and pushes forward customer-specific pricing, typical in B2B Commerce Scenarios.

Not a spare part, but a shining example

Episerver’s Experience-driven Commerce delivers a fast and agile marketplace for customers to place quick purchases – all personalized to their needs. Being hosted on the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service helped Motoral scale, tapping into new markets and attract new customers. 

Adding personalized, smart product recommendations to shipping emails has been of great benefit - building rapport with customers and a key selling point of the system.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Motoral have set a new precedent for B2B distributors in their markets.

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