Re-enticing the shopping cart abandoners

Multifaceted email marketing

For quite some time already, Steinberg has placed its trust in the email and omnichannel platform, Episerver Camapaign, for general communications with Cubase users. As such, the company benefits not least from numerous possibilities enabling individualisation and automation. Dispatch occurs in a diverse range of languages including English, German, Spanish and Japanese. The emails are created by Steinberg in Episerver Campaign using templates and are dynamically optimised for all common mobile devices prior to every new dispatch. In addition, numerous transactional mails are also regularly sent.

Shopping cart abandoners – a challenge for the customer lifecycle

Steinberg follows an integrated customer lifecycle approach for its email marketing: it aims to always present Cubase users with relevant information at the right time. The company was therefore faced with the challenge of providing information on regular Cubase upgrades, features, add-ons as well as other benefits in a simple and automated manner – to effectively promote Cubase to both prospective new customers and existing users. Simultaneously, the up-selling potential of Cubase in the online shop was to be triggered and activated. Shopping cart abandoners were identified as a particularly promising segment for this purpose. An analysis by Steinberg showed it was at this touchpoint that the upgrade and ordering process was regularly abandoned. For this reason, Steinberg defined the following goal: to activate prospective and existing customers for Cubase in a targeted and automated manner via email.

About Steinberg

Steinberg Media Technologies is internationally recognized for its professional music and audio software. Since 1984 Steinberg has developed, produced and marketed innovative products for musicians and producers. And, their success has gained them over 1.5 million customers worldwide who use their mixing and editing software, Cubase.


  • Effective shopping cart abandoner campaigns in the customer lifecycle
  • Up-selling thanks to successful turnaround approach
  • Segmentation based on email, post-click tracking and online shop data
  • Added-value information and special offers for interested users
  • Click rates of up to 27% and conversion rates of up to 12%

Effective segmentation thanks to a comprehensive pool of data

To warrant the optimal segmentation of shopping cart abandoners, Steinberg ensured access to a broad pool of data. All information was collated by the company in a database that was developed in-house and integrated this with Episerver Campaign and its Marketing Automation suite. Besides "regular" customer data, numerous further touchpoints were recorded and evaluated during the data analysis. Among other things, Steinberg took into account the activation of Cubase product codes, user registrations in the free MySteinberg online community, past contact history and individual user actions in the online shop. The Episerver Campaign post-click tracking facility provided particularly aluable information on shopping cart abandoners. This enabled information on openings and clicks in the email channel to be recorded as well as the activity and transactions occurring in the online shop. Further data from the online shop was provided through web analysis conducted by etracker. The insights gained were subsequently applied in two automated shopping cart abandoner campaigns: "Cubase Recommendation" and "Trial Offer".

New customer campaign with 8% conversion rate

The "Cubase Recommendation" campaign specifically focused on new Cubase users who had already subscribed to the Steinberg newsletter. The idea behind this: besides the permission that was given for communication via email, a keen interest in Cubase was also evident through the abandoned shopping cart. In the shopping cart abandoner mail, Steinberg highlighted the benefits and possibilities of the audio workstation. A special emphasis was placed on ensuring a subtle delivery of the message with clearly outlined benefits. Steinberg also proceeded carefully in terms of the graphic design. The mail was automatically dispatched three days after the shopping cart was abandoned. For this, Steinberg brought together the post-click tracking and web analysis data with the permission-based recipient information from Episerver Campaign.

The campaign performance was remarkable right from the beginning. On average, Steinberg could obtain a click rate of 27.4% and a conversion rate of 8.2%. These KPIs immediately showed that the strategy and approach clearly worked. Many recipients perceived the shopping cart abandoner mail as being relevant. The subtle call to action provided a motivation to resume and finalise the purchasing process.

Up-selling campaign with 12% conversion rate

The "Trial Offer" campaign picked up on the interest of existing Cubase users for a software upgrade. For the recipient list, contacts were identified that had placed such an upgrade in their shopping carts. A further prerequisite for the mail was the relevant permission. Steinberg offered a free 30-day demo version as an incentive to recipients. Those who didn’t upgrade received a further reminder mail after 20 days, which included a specially priced Cubase offer that could be purchased during the remaining 10-day period. The shopping cart abandoner mails each presented a visually appealing overview of the benefits and the top features that Cubase provides.

This campaign also returned exceptional results within just a short time: Steinberg attained an average click rate of 27.8% and a 12.1% conversion rate. The success of this campaign is not least due to the ability for shopping cart abandoners to extensively test the Cubase upgrade – and that they were also informed and reminded via automated emails.

Up-Selling-Mail nach 3 Tagen

Up-Selling-Mail nach 20 Tagen

Successful turnaround approach

Both of the fully automated campaigns conducted by Steinberg with Episerver Campaign, show how shopping cart abandoners can successfully be activated via email and motivated to complete purchases. The high click and conversions rates show that the company is effectivenly capitalising on its up-selling potential in the customer lifecycle. And following their initial conceptualisation, the campaigns were extremely easy to manage thanks to post-click tracking and marketing automation.

Shopping cart abandoners represent an exciting up- selling potential. This is certainly also the case for the marketing of our digital audio workstation Cubase. Episerver Campaign is an integral part of our technical framework for this purpose. Combined with information from our database and online shop, it allows for the easy and automated placement of offers. Our goals could therefore already be achieved and exceeded during the initial phase of the measure.

Daniel Röper, Director of Sales at Steinberg Media Technologies

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