Developing for the DXC Service

Learn how to successfully develop Episerver solutions for the cloud, taking into account development, deployment, and security considerations, so that you avoid the common traps and have a smooth productive experience with Episerver’s DXC Service.



  • About the course. Create your development environment.

Module A: About the DXC Service

  • What is the DXC Service? Package choices. Microsoft Azure services we use. Security features.

Module B: Developing for the DXC Service

  • Multi-sites. Caching. Controlling the environment. Transient fault handling. Queue design patterns. 

Module C: Deploying to the DXC Service

  • Deployment environments and technologies. Web.config transformations. Continuous integration. 

Mark Price

Instructor: Mark Price

Mark Price is an Episerver Certified Developer: CMS 9, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Solution Developer (MCSD) in Web Applications and Universal Windows Platform, with have 20+ years of experience in the IT industry.

Mark, what are your favorite topics on the agenda?
”Beyond the practical sections of this course that make sure a developer succeeds with the DXC Service, my favourite part is the last module because it points to an exciting future of cloud development. There is a vast vista of possibilities from machine learning with speech-enabled Bots, to the components needed to build massively scalable yet high performing web sites.”


Who should attend?

Web developers.

Required knowledge

Some knowledge or experience of developing Episerver solutions with CMS or Commerce versions 7 or later.


1 day

Preparations prior to the course

To be able to fully engage in the course you will need access to an Azure account with the ability to create new resources. You will be able to delete those resources at the end of the course. Prior to the course start, please ensure you have access to a work account or a free trial of Microsoft Azure (

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