Our compliance and security teams work continuously to stay up-to-date with the latest certifications and ensure that you and your customers are protected whenever using Episerver.

Episerver Digital Experience Platform is ISO 27001 certified

To protect the information assets associated with the Episerver Digital Experience Platform we’ve taken the necessary steps to achieve ISO 27001:2013 standard certification.

This process included critical testing, inspections, assessments, and reviews of Episerver’s information security management system. As the most widely used and globally recognized security standard, the benefits of compliance help ensure data protection for Episerver Digital Experience service customers worldwide.

CCPA compliance

The California Consumer Privacy act (CCPA) represents a vital step forward for both ensuring individual privacy rights in California, and for helping drive more secure and protected online engagements throughout the US. At Episerver, we are well equipped to help customers achieve CCPA compliance while expanding their businesses through customer-centric digital experiences. Is your organization meeting the requirements?

GDPR compliance

At Episerver, data protection and GDPR compliance by design is a core pillar of our software and service development. This enables you to efficiently achieve and maintain compliance without compromising the functionalities that make you a digital leader. How can you leverage your organization’s data to support GDPR compliance?

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Digital Experience Platform infrastructure compliance

Since the Episerver Digital Experience Platfrom uses the Microsoft Azure platform, the underlying infrastructure follows Microsoft Azure’s compliance standards, certifications, and supporting processes. Episerver Search & Navigation leverages the Amazon AWS platform, and therefore the underlying infrastructure follows Amazon AWS compliance standards, certifications, and supporting processes.

Microsoft Azure is compliant with more than 50 of the top global compliance programs. For more information, see Microsoft Azure's Trust Center and its Compliance page. Whitepaper "Azure Security, Privacy and Compliance" is also available for download.

Episerver's plans, processes and policies as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak

Because of our cloud-first initiatives and robust plans, processes, and policies, Episerver does not foresee any impact of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak in our ability to continue to serve and support customers, partners, and organizations. Still, we are planning for the unexpected.

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