Branch banking a thing of the past? - Post Event Details

Thank you for attending the recent webinar hosted by Episerver, Hero Digital and SiteImprove.

Branch banking a thing of the past? Key takeaways and calls to action here.

We thank you for attending the recent webinar 'Branch banking a thing of the past?'. Hopefully youv'e had a great experince hearing from our experts. If you weren't able to attend this information from our experts can still be found especially useful. Here is a brief recap and some helpful post event links. Enjoy!

Key takeaways:

  • The current economy has spiked the need for digital agaility in all industries, especially finance. We learned that we are now sitting on the cusp of permanently changing customer banking habits which means now is the time to increase trust and personalization efforts.
  • Personalization is not hard. Banks taking the immediate steps to increase thier digital agility and customer experience see increased trust with current customers and interest in thier services.
  • Trust and personalization fall into many categories. Often overlooked is the trust and personalization for those physically impaired. Ensuring you are digitally ADA compliant offers the opportunity to vastly grow your customer base.

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Hero Digital:

Review the Hero Digital reseach which provides real-time solutions for customers through this changing nature of the economy!


Our speaker Keith mentioned the Accessability Checker tool, but here is a full collection of free tools that will help in perfecting your digital presence today!


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