SME boosts website engagement by providing smart Content Recommendations

SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) supports North American manufacturing companies, professionals, and students with the latest manufacturing news, research and information media. Their mission is to change to face of manufacturing from the ''dark, dirty, and dangerous'' perception it carries for many.

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Boosting engagement and building relevancy with content recommendations

In this customer-focused webinar, you'll hear from Andy Dempster, Web Manager at SME on their transition to the cloud and how they've managed to implement content recommendation on their sites successfully.

SME made the move to Episerver Content Cloud in 2018 and with 5 sites running on Azure, they are utilizing them all as a communications platform for members and other visitors, sharing detailed industry updates.

''We're trying to close the skills gap. For those already in manufacturing we've helped them solve problems'', Andy Dempster, SME.

SME has made it super easy for their visitors to view content relevant to them, based off what they've previously read. Each visitor will have their own unique journey around the site based off their interest. This makes SME's site way more personalized, engaging and meaningful to audiences.

Key results:

  • SME has seen a 167% increase in engagement
  • Bounce rates have decreased by 57%
  • There's been a 12% decrease in early exit rates

Our speaker

Andy Dempster

Web Manager