Delivering customer experience at scale

In this on-demand webinar where Andrea Falchi, Head of Website at Electrolux Europe will share his experiences and challenges in scaling the digital customer experience to over a hundred sites.

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Learn how Electrolux Europe successfully scale their digital customer experience across brands and countries

This seminar goes beyond delivering the usual buzz-words and instead focuses on hands-on tips and ways-of-working. Key discussion points and take-aways include:

  • Using Episerver to scale across multiple markets
  • How to set-up effective ways of working internally and externally
  • How to balance centralization efforts with local needs
  • How to strategically work with personalized content over time


Special offer: In this webinar and get access to our Content Diagnostics offer, free of charge and easy to implement.



Mårten Bokedal

Senior Marketing Manager Nordics

Andrea Falchi

Head of Website
Electrolux Europe

Martin Centerman


Niklas Roupé