The Digital Ripening of Food and Wholesale Distributors

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About this webinar

If 2020 has taught Food and Wholesale distributors anything, it’s that digital experience is no longer just a “business strategy”, digital IS your business.

Digital is now the first - and sometimes the only - mechanism for conducting business with your customers. This means understanding the technologies available to you to quickly create frictionless and personalized experiences is paramount.

Episerver was built to make this as easy as possible for growing distributors to rapidly deploy personalized and predictive B2B e-commerce experiences, whilst eliminating the manual effort typically required.

Chris Purcell, Episerver (Optimizely) Product Strategy Manager will take a deep dive into food and wholesale customer success stories, to show you how your industry peers have digitally transformed their operations to keep up with customer expectations.

Key takeaways from this webinar

  • When is the right time for Distributors to invest in a Digital Experience Platform
  • How to personalize experiences across all digital touchpoints
  • What is the ROI of Episerver’s DXP and which Distributors are benefiting from it


Chris Purcell

Product Strategy Manager