Blended content and commerce - The peanut butter and jelly of digital commerce

Discover the true importance of a blended strategy and how it can set you a step-ahead of the competition.

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Wed, December 2
12:30 PM - 1:15 PM EST

The peanut butter and jelly of digital commerce.

It’s no secret that the more engaging an online experience is for today’s consumer, the better. And while most eCommerce businesses understand the importance of having rich content to support the buying process, it’s hard to say how many are actually doing it right.

That is, content shouldn’t just complement your store – it needs to seamlessly blend into your commerce experience. Businesses should think of content as the peanut butter to their eCommerce jelly; the milk to their cookies; the macaroni to their cheese; the chicken to their waffles…hungry yet?

Join BlueBolt and Episerver for our educational lunch and learn session, “Blended Content and Commerce – The Peanut Butter and Jelly of Digital Commerce.” We’ll discuss the importance and benefits of combining content with commerce, explain the maturity levels that frame organizational strategies, review best practices and show real world examples, and give actionable insights to implement within your own business straight away. And as an added bonus, we’ll send you a special gift for joining us!

Developing robust content and commerce strategies takes effort, but the results will elevate your brand and help you take a bite out the competition. Satisfy your hunger for success by joining us for this informative session. Space is limited, so save your seat at the table today!

Josh Schoonmaker

Senior Director of Strategy & Commerce

Jason Lichon

President & Co-Founder