Assessing your ability to compete digitally

2020 has fundamentally accelerated the need for all organizations, including Tech, to compete digitally. How can you stay ahead of the game?

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Tue, December 8
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM EST

Assessing your ability to compete digitally

It's no longer 'okay' to put your digital experience on the back burner while delivering a one-size-fits-all or a one-to-many digital experience. Today your key competitors, regardless of size, are delivering oversized outcomes. You need to stay in the game. 

More pipeline/Revenue for less

If you're currently using a 'freemium', open sourced DXP which has turned into a Frankenstein, or perhaps you've bought the Ferrari that's still sitting in the garage...This webinar is for you!

What will be your key takeaways:

  • Learn why organizations are revisiting their ability to deliver a customer-centric experience.
  • Explore how your peers are evaluating the necessary resources.
  • Establish a practical framework on how your team can deliver a simple, yet sophisticated, experience to drive your business forward. 

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Brendan Hutchings

AVP of Sales, Technology

Ryan Moltenbrey

SVP Sales