Making the Business Case for investing in Ecommerce within Industrial Businesses

This webinar will unpack new insight from Forrester on the digitalization of the B2B buying lifecycle and lay out a plan to get you started.

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Does mastering digital commerce pay off?

For manufacturing and distribution businesses, navigating the digital world, is more than just having a good looking website or throwing a simple cart online. For the modern industrial buyers, the digital experience you provide plays a major role in how they buy from you – which means a great customer experiences directly contribute to ROI.

Join your host, Nazanin Ramezani (Senior Product Evangelist, Episerver) and guest speaker Joe Cicman (Senior Analyst, Forrester) as they discuss Forrester’s latest research into why a great online customer experience facilitates business growth and how your business can take the steps toward building a plan for long-term transformation and near-term innovation.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How manufacturers and distributors get ROI from digital customer experience
  • Where the leading sellers are going in an accelerated manner
  • Where to start, and how to make the case to your leaders
  • How to evaluate a top B2B eCommerce vendor

Nazanin Ramezani

Senior Product Evangelist

Joe Cicman

Senior Analyst
Forrester Research