Mind-Reading For Marketers: Engineering Sensors for B2B Buying Signals

B2B buyers emit a wide variety of signals as they are researching and evaluating business solutions. The most effective revenue engines are equipped to receive, interpret and act on a wide variety of buying group signals to enable effective actions.

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What if you could read the mind of your prospects and buyers without them saying a word?

Kevin Li - Senior Director, Personalization & Analytics at Episerver, and guest speaker Jessie Johnson, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, will show you how you and your marketing team can become B2B mind-readers.

In just 45mins, you will learn:

  • WHAT are the different types of B2B buying signals 
  • WHERE to capture those signals
  • HOW to classify and connect those signals across data sources, program activation systems, and demand management workflows

The session will be deeply practical and give you actionable frameworks and research-backed suggestions so that your company can be better placed to predict and understand the needs of buyers.

Speaker and Guest Speaker

Kevin Li

Senior Director of Personalization & Analytics Strategy

Jessie Johnson

Principal Analyst

Guest Speaker