Operationalizing intent data

In 45 minutes see how to turn first-party intent data into 1:1 experiences at global scale

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In this webinar

1 Bridge the gap between first party intent insights and execution 

2 Practical examples of first party intent usage for 1:1 personalization 

3 Best practice on stitching first party intent data to other datasets 


For B2B organizations that wish to successfully engage buyers and target accounts, first party intent data presents an unrivalled opportunity to deliver 1:1 relevance at scale. The ability to predict buyer behavior means demand gen teams can adapt nurture programs, improve lead prioritization and segment audiences in real-time – without the associated operational complexity. 

In this webinar, Kevin Li (Sr. Director, Personalization at Episerver) and Special Guest Kerry Cunningham (Senior Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies, SiriusDecisions) will show how B2B Technology & Information Services companies can operationalize first party intent data and use it to drive demand generation success. 


Following the acquisition, Idio’s products are now available as Episerver Products.