The customer imperative: How personalization must solve customer and marketer needs together

Today’s customers are self-educated, autonomous, and expect a personalized experience that meets their informational needs wherever and whenever they interact with your brand.

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For marketers to fulfill this expectation requires not only a deep understanding of each customer’s unique context but also the intelligence and executional capabilities to serve relevant content, products and offers across multiple customer touchpoints at scale. 

Unfortunately, many organizations are unable to do this. The result is “personalized” experiences that leave both marketers - and the customers they serve - wanting.

In this webinar, Kevin Li, Episerver’s Senior Director, Personalization & Analytics Strategy, and guest speaker Forrester’s VP and Principal Analyst, Brendan Witcher, will show how leading customer-centric organizations are successfully harnessing Content Intelligence to deliver consistent, seamless personalized experiences at scale - without creating extra effort for marketers.

Over the course of 45 minutes, you will learn: 

  • The key datasets B2B and B2C organizations are using to drive personalization at scale
  • The difference between segmentation and personalization - and why it matters 
  • Cutting-edge research and frameworks from Forrester that can be applied to your immediate context

Speaker: Kevin Li & Guest Speaker: Brendan Witcher

Kevin Li

Senior Director of Personalization & Analytics Strategy at Episerver

Brendan Witcher

VP, Principal Analyst Serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals