The future of B2B ecommerce is omnichannel

You’ve probably already heard it. B2B buyers are different; they’re digital-first researchers and buyers that prefer to self-serve whenever possible. Although there’s a great deal of overlap, preference and practice are still two different things. B2B buying is rife with nuance and complexity that requires businesses to execute on an omnichannel commerce strategy that provides a buyer with a world class experience whether it’s on a digital channel, working with a salesperson, or through new, emerging touchpoints.

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In this webinar

B2B organizations need to transform and create a fluid environment that allows their buyers to seamlessly enter or move across different touchpoints for the optimal buying experience. Watch this webinar to hear from our guest Forrester Analyst, John Bruno and Insite Software’s VP of Marketing & Customer Experience, Karie Daudt as they discuss:

  • How omnichannel commerce has been redefined for modern B2B buyers
  • How traditional, self-service, and emerging channels can thrive together
  • How leading organizations have transformed to support omnichannel buying experiences